MMC Fountain : D440 Bell Auditorium

The auditorium seats 166 people.
The space is equipped with 1 Mac Mini, an Canon laser projector, sound system and Crestron user interface.
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To book this space please call 902-494-9170 or

1 Mac Mini
Canon Laser Projector
Winter 2020 Software List
Acrobat DC Dreamweaver Lightroom Classic
Bridge Illustrator Photoshop
Dimension InDesign XD
Air Server Keynote Quicktime Player X
Excel, Office 2016 Numbers Safari
Firefox Open Office VLC Player
Google Chrome Photos Word, Office 2016
iTunes PowerPoint, Office 2016 Zoom
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These applications below are installed, but not listed on the dock:
Software versions installed may differ and change without notice.
iMovie Garageband Libre Office