MMC Fountain : N320C Computer Lab

Open Lab access 8:00am - 9:00pm Daily when classes aren't occurring.
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To book this space please call 902-494-9170 or

8 iMacs
Viewsonic Projector
Download Manual
Canon Scanner
Winter 2020 Software List
Acrobat DC Dimension Media Encoder
After Effects Dreamweaver Photoshop
Animate Illustrator Prelude
Audition InCopy Premiere
Bridge InDesign Premiere Rush
Character Animator Lightroom Classic XD
Arduino Google Earth Photos
Atom Image Capture Preform
Audacity iMovie Preview
Blender Inkscape Processing
Brackets iTunes Quicktime Player X
Fetch Keynote Rhino 6
FileZilla Maya Safari
Fiberworks Meshmixer SImple CSS
Firefox Mud Box SketchUp - Browser Version Only
Fusion 360 Numbers Slicer for Fusion
Garageband Open Office Unity
Gimp Open Toonz VLC Player
Google Chrome Pages    
Digital Editions Pencil Slic3r
LibreOffice Repetier Host Ultimaker Cura
MeshLab Scribus Zoom
Opera Skype    
Software versions installed may differ and change without notice.