MMC Fountain : N320F Computer Lab

Open Lab access 9:00am - 5:00pm Weekdays when classes aren't occuring.
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18 iMacs
Mac OS Sierra
& Windows 7
Viewsonic Projector
Download Manual
HP Scanner
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HP Scanner
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Fall 2017 Software List
*application installed, but not added to dock
Acrobat DC ExtendScript Toolkit Media Encoder
After Effects Fireworks Muse
Animate Flash Builder Photoshop
Audition Fuse Prelude
Bridge Illustrator Premiere
Character Animator InCopy Scout
Dreamweaver InDesign Speedgrade
Extension Manager Lightroom    
Android File Transfer HandBrake Pages
Arduino Hex Fiend* Pencil*
Audacity Image Capture Photos
BB Edit iMovie Preview
Blender Inkscape Processing
Brackets iTunes Project Felix*
CeltX Keynote Quicktime Player X
Digital Editions LibreOffice Rhino
Express Burn Miro* Safari
Fetch MeshLab* Scribus*
FileZilla MPEG StreamClip Scultris Alpha 6
Firefox Numbers Simple CSS
Fritzing OIV SketchUp Make (10-17)
Fusion 360 Open Office SketchUp Pro 2017 (1-9, 18)
with Layout* & StyleBuilder*

Open XML Converter Text Wrangler
Gimp Opera VLC Player
Google Chrome        
10 machines have Windows 7 installed: 1-6, 16, 17, 18
Adobe Reader DC Google Earth Paint
Audacity Inkscape Powerpoint
Blender Internet Explorer Rhinoceros 5
(with Brazil, Grasshopper)
Excel iTunes Safari
FileZilla Libre Office Scultris Alpha 6
Firefox OpenOffice SketchUp Make
Gimp Opera Word
Google Chrome        

Software versions installed in Multimedia may differ and change without notice.
This software list was last updated in October 2017.